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Cherri Volkman, Ed & Junia Chant, Ray Smith and Glenna Hankins​

Those recovering from illness:
Eddie Robinson, Zack Wood, Norma Haas, Brandon Kilgo, June Blackwell, 
Sally Rogers, Kim Sharman, Charles Gilmore and Pastor Leigeber

Those undergoing Treatment:
Megan Carey, Gayle Bishop, Threse Ghilardi, Marian Manning, Herbert Arbeiter, Clayton Ladd, Meredith Reily, James Smith, Thomas Marallo, George Woltz, Judy Jackson, Vi Johnston, Georgia Byrd, Larry Dean Peterson, 
Earl Dunn, Paul Nieland, Bobbi Knowling, Amanda Wood, Suzette Lambert, Rev. Bob Simmons, Betsy Haas, 
Mallory Davenport, Mark Crowl and Aubreigh Nicolas

Those battling long-term illness:
Michelle Hanson, Carl Brown, Karen Ryseky, Judy Stabler, Francis Grace Hirs, Jimmy Tolbert, Kayla Campbell, 
Tina George, Ansley Mangus, Richard Trione, Kevin Lanford, Tralynn Chrisholm, Patrick Houston, Coleen Walker, Rose Beard, Ron West, Carolyn Plash, Mary Ellen Etheridge, Wanda & Bryan Burleson, Mickey Gatlin, 
Natalie Holland, Thelma St. Pierre, Jesse Bohnet, Edith Pittman, Ralph Johnson, Jean Bolton, Ken Kelly and
Helen Anderson

Those mourning a Love One:
The Parsons Family, The Callies Family, The Dierkesheide Family, The Dembrun Family, 
The Miller & Pacey Families, The Carnahan Family, The Williams Family, The Cole Family and The Hatfield Family​

Those in Military Service:
Turner Walton (Air Force), 
Paul Hatfield (Army)

​Our University Students: 
Katie Deterding, Adam Nielsen, Carly McRae, Colby Miller, Elizabeth, Maria & Will Parsons, James Reyner, 
Tony Southorn, Paul Clark, Emma Pacey, Stanley Lacey, Hayden Hatfield, Colleen Clay, Griffin Pacey and 
Morgan Moffett 

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